@torolareina - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Today's queer artist feature is @torolareina

Artist Statement:

So, I am an independent singer songwriter from Brazil. I've been singing since my childhood, and now I mostly sing and write about introspective stuff. I believe that there are feeling which are common for all of us humans, like feelings of love. That's how I intend to represent people: talking about shit that everyone feels and goes through. My main style is trip hop, stoner music, sad girl shit, sex music.

I have a new single coming out later this week called 'Odisseia', for which I've written the lyrics and chord progression and helped with the musical arrangement. It was produced by @garubeats and @henrigalois from @leblinerecords. You can pre-save it through the link on my bio. This song took a year to be written, recorded and produced, so it feels like giving birth for me. It's a song that talk about some of my personal struggles in my city Rio de Janeiro. I also have some demo songs released on soundcloud from a mixtape that I'm producing at home and am still.

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