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JHVH is back with “Trumpets”, an emotionally charged exploration of the artist’s mental state, dark yet relatable, as he navigates the current political climate. Timely and poignant, the artist’s intent is to inspire young voters in the upcoming election. 

“With liberty and justice, For some.”

Queer artist JHVH reflects on the chaos that is 2020. The song was written and produced by JHVH, with additional mixing courtesy of SAINT WADE.

The hook, “I'm getting so sick of this, I can hear the Trumpets,” is a rebuke of our current political state. Openly voicing his fears in the verses, a sweeping chorus is followed by an unexpected bass-heavy drop which takes us to new heights. Brassy trumpets carry you through the track's fiercely dark atmosphere, culminating in a transcendent piano outro as the trumpets finally fade away.

“We can be stronger

We can get louder

We'll raise our voices

Drown out the trumpets!”

Artist Bio

JHVH (pronounced "Jehovah"), alias of producer and creative director Javey Ecchi, is an electro-pop singer, songwriter, and performer based in New York City. Adopting a name of Biblical proportion, JHVH challenges himself with aspirational productions and performances, seeking a transcendent musicality. Honing a wide skill set that encompasses songwriting, production, fashion styling, visual art, creative direction, and makeup artistry, JHVH is exemplary among today's emerging artists. JHVH's strong sense of identity allows him to stand out as entirely self-made.

“Trumpets” is a continuation of the artist’s exploration of politically charged themes, such as 2016’s “F****d Up Election” music video. Since its release following the 2016 election, the video has amassed almost 12,000 views. His hyperpop-influenced debut single “Defriended” was released in 2018, which continues to gain traction on social media among pop music superfans.


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The Art of Being Queer

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