"X" - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's feature is “x” a multimedia project encompassing a feature film, music videos set to songs from the movie’s original score, and cinematic pop music by queer music act the major arcana.

Scott Ramsey

I'm a filmmaker and a musician; my production company The Foundation produced an indie queer erotic thriller called "X", which I directed, edited, and co-wrote, about a young woman who hosts masked charity balls at her beachside estate that double as sex parties; little do the guests of these events know that she has a hidden camera in the bathroom. Shot entirely in the Bay Area, the film is a feminist, queer spin on the tragedy of the Hitchcockian voyeur - it's lush and elegant, but with a raw, DIY indie spirit, since the entire cast and crew was made up of rookies. The film took five years of blood, sweat, and rose petals to complete - and almost every department head was queer and/or a woman.

However, "X" isn't just a film - the project is a transmedia art experience that encompasses the movie, alongside a ten track album by our New Wave inspired queer goth pop music act The Major Arcana - an electro cabaret entitled At the Devil's Ball - along with three music videos set to songs from the score, each a short film in their own right.

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The Art of Being Queer

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